Meat Products Including Marine Products


  • Till the end of 1960, export of Indian marine products mainly consisted of dried items like dried fish and dried shrimp. Although frozen items were present in the export basket from 1953 onwards in negligible quantities, it was only since 1961 the export of dried marine products was overtaken by export of frozen items leading to a steady progress in export earnings. With the devaluation of Indian currency in 1966 the export of frozen and canned items registered a significant rise. Frozen items continued to dominate the trade. Markets for Indian products also spread fast to developed countries from the traditional buyers in neighbouring countries.
  • The export of marine products has steadily grown over the years - from a mere Rs.3.92 crore in 1961-62 to Rs. 16597.23 crore in 2011-12.
  • The recent trend in India is to establish large abattoirs-cum-meat processing plants with the latest technology. India has already established ten state-of-art mechanized abattoirs-cum-meat processing plants in various states based on slaughtering buffaloes and sheep. These plants are environmentally friendly, where all the slaughterhouse by-products are utilized in the production of meat-cum-bone meal, tallow, bone chips and other value-added products. Several more are under construction. The plants follow all the sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures required by the International Animal Health code of World Organization for Animal Health (O.I.E.). These plants mostly produce buffalo meat for export. India is becoming a major buffalo meat producing country and will be a main player in the international market with additional establishment of the state-of-art-abattoirs cum meat processing plants.
  • Fobics is capable of executing projects for freezing plants and abattoirs, meat products manufacturing and modern poultry projects.