Machinery & Equipment


  • Plant and machinery is the key to success of any industry. In India, the machinery needs are met by imports partly and by indigenous manufacture. With the rapidity with which the industry is growing, Industries engaged in manufacture of processing machinery are likely to succeed, provided the manufacturing programme is well planned and executed. Many industries started with the purpose of manufacturing food processing machinery both for Indian and export market have failed due to faulty planning and execution of the programme.
  • Government of India, through the Ministry of Food Processing Industries provides encouragement and a number of incentives for the manufacturing industries in the sector including the machinery manufacturers. A major unexploited sector in the food machinery manufacturing is machinery for traditional Indian foods. Significant amount of Development activities are on in a number of R&D Agencies.
  • FOBICS has a net work of good designers and fabricators and undertake development a nd fabrication of equipment for the industry, where standard designs are not available. Besides industrial and lab fermentors, FOBICs in the recent months has developed a number of special purpose equipment. A vacuum concentrator for use in a R&D lab with a water evaporating capacity of 20 Kg/hr is one example example. None of the Indusn manufacturer have design for such a small capacity, but efficient evaporator. A number of industries manufacture large capacity eveporators. Development of a Rotary Autoclave has helped solving a number of process problems in food and fermentation industries.