Fermentation Processes


  • Diversified indigenous fermented food products are produced in certain place formerly for consumption within the country. However, some of these products are now quite popular in the inter-national markets. Increasing demand for export speeded up the safety and quality issues in the processing. The producers need to improve the processes as well as to ensure the safety. New developments in biotechnology can offer scaling up of indigenous fermentation processes and efforts must be put on to foster food safety production among the traditional fermented food industries so that the products can be more competitive in the world markets. Introduction of Modern food processing is dependent on a range of preservative technologies to ensure that food is maintained at an acceptable level of quality from the time of manufacture through to the time of consumption. One of the oldest of these technologies is fermentation, a process dependent on the biological activity of microorganisms for production of a range of metabolites which can suppress the growth and survival of undesirable micro flora in foodstuffs.
  • The Government of India has been trying to promote an improved practice involving use of bio-fertilizers along with fertilizers. These inputs have multiple beneficial impacts on the soil and can be relatively cheap and convenient for use. Consistent with current outlook, the government aims not only to encourage their use in agriculture but also to promote private initiative and commercial viability of production.